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Snow DAY.. Why the need to spend money?

January 28th, 2009 at 08:09 am

Oh so is it me or do you notice how people flood to big name wholesalers and supermarkets and spend money on food and items that they may not need just at the mere mention of SNOW? I cannot fathom the idea that people are so quick to run and spend money simply because of snow. Now i will understand if these people really needed the things they were buying..But some of them are are just so clueless about consumer buying behavior and the tricks and subliminal messages that drives them to buy unnecessary things...
People, smarten up!! SNOW has been coming for visits every winter since the beginning of time..
Get what you need... stay home on a snow day and just relax..
I will stop snowing, we will get out the house, and life will resume again!!

Non-FRUGAL day...

January 25th, 2009 at 04:03 pm

today, i was able to pull off a surprise baby shower for my dear friend SS. .. we had a blast.. I imperative as it is for all of us to be careful with our spending in this economy, there are times when it is OK to spend a little more than we are comfortable with, especially if it brings joy and laughter to the one's we love. In to total i spend a little over $200 on gifts and a few other things... I have to say that i was HAPPY to have spent that money.. No impulses,No regrets, no items to anticipate returning, Just Pure and outer love of giving to a friend who deserves so much more...TODAY, I declared A NON-FRUGAL day!!,,, I am glad to know that i brought happiness and joy to a friend today!!

Dinner and a Movie on a friend!!

January 23rd, 2009 at 09:25 pm

had a wonderful evening!! dinner and a movie courtesy of my dear friend S.S... I will take the money i would have spent on the evening on a well needed oil change!!!

full belly and a nicely oiled car, Mmmmmm live is good! at all for the cost of one!

Savings Bonds... old fashion? yes, new way of saving? Oh yes.!

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:19 pm

years ago i worked for bank as a teller.. one day, a customer came in to cash in her savings bond. Occasionally you get customers who cash in bonds for a few hundred dollars maybe a thousand dollars.. On this particular day, the lady standing before me had over $20,0000 (Purchased price) approx. $35,0000 with the interest in bonds to cash. (wow).....I was amazed!!! Now let me explain that it took approx. 10years for her bonds to gain that much interest.,, what fascinated me the most was her reasoning behind the her choice of savings. She said that when she was 21 and started her 1st job right out of college, her company was offering a direct deduction from their paychecks to purchase savings bonds, she signed up for a deduction of $100 per paycheck ($200 per month..

Over the 10 year period she completely put out of her mind the amounts that were deducted. she received the bonds in mail each month...
Ten years later when she left that job for another job, she decided to cash them in.
so on this day she was cashing in all her bonds plus interest, to buy her dream car ( a Mercedes Benz)


How awesome is that? 10 years of forgotten savings, leads to One HOT RIDE!!!

so about 8 years ago i applied her technique,(i actually went to the banks to purchase my bonds up until recently, i now buy online.....treasurydirect.gov,,,, you can do automatic purchases directly from a bank account)

It is great!!! i continue to save money and since its automatic now, i really don't even get the chance to miss the money!!,,
Now i know that getting a Mercedes has no appeal to me.. (frugal... remember?) My hope is to one day use that money as down payment for a home or college tuition for my children (if/when i have some)

Just letting all my FruGal friend know one of my savings tips! Try is out!
You can never miss money you don't see!


January 22nd, 2009 at 08:19 am

wow... what have we gotten ourselves into America? Buying now and hoping to pay later..!! well look as us now.. broke, depressed and blaming everyone but ourselves. The good news is that we have learned a valuable lesson from this crisis..IF YOU CAN'T PAY FOR IT IN FULL NOW, DON'T BUY IT!!! If we took the time to really think about our purchases and save for them, we will realize that we really do not need a lot of what we buy.. Stop the impulse purchases! Impulse often leads to debt.! THINK ONE, THINK TWICE, and walk away!! Stop trying to live up to the JONes'.. Trust me, the Jones' are also BROKE!!

Car payments...

January 22nd, 2009 at 08:10 am

Just had to vent on how much i hate making car payments.. i cannot wait till it's paid off.. I plan on keeping this car for a while after it's paid off!! Once paid off, i plan on still making the payments, but this time to a special online savings account @ least for 3 year.. I will then use the money to buy a new car (in cash) NO MORE CAR NOTES!!!
Balance as of today =$6350

Mock Mortgage payments as a way of saving...

January 21st, 2009 at 03:30 pm

Ok.. so about a year back i decided to really get serious about buying a townhouse or a condo... a the time, i had and still have a decent down payment for it... due to the high gas/oil cost, i knew that paying a mortgage plus the utilities will cost me a whole lot more than my $1000 a month rent with all utilities (except, light and cable).. By my calculations, i pay about $1200 month now .. and a townhouse or condo with utilities will cost me approx. $2200.
SO, here is what i did to just keep saving while still staying in my apt, I started Making my rent payments as a mortgage payment. Every month when its time to pay the rent, i would pay the rent as usual but also have approx to $1000(diff b/w mortgage and rent) transferred to an online savings account.. so for i have saved close $12000 that i can add to my dwnpymt when i decide to buy.. Simple concept really, but it takes a bit of discipline..Just pay yourself as if you were the mortgage company and you will rack up cash before you know it.. share some of your ideas with me!!!

advice on pretty gowns..

January 21st, 2009 at 11:50 am

looking for pretty, yet simple wedding gown for a destination wedding in Jamaica... the will be outside, on the beach..THIS in NOT for me.. It's for friend of mines.. iam trying to help her save some money. any ideas,???/

Frugal? who me? really you think? THANKS!

January 20th, 2009 at 07:26 pm

so let me start off by saying that i am blessed to have been a part of history and to witness history today... Go OBAMA!!

so back to the task at hand, BEING CALLED FRUGAL.. i don't know about anyone else but the word does not offend me at all... especially in an economy as uncertain as our current one.
This past weekend, i took a trip to mall with a friend of mines to look for a wedding dress.. i was amazed at how much money she was willing to spend on the dress and everything else in the mall. I walked beside her in complete shock because the idea of buying a handbag for $500 or a pair of gucci sandals for $275 just did not and could not sit anywhere in my frugal(sane) mind. after about an hour of the madness, i finally said something about how crazy she was to for even considering such expensive product. Her response, " oh please, you only live once, just enjoy your money, and stop being so frugal." I have to agree with the first part of her response, yes, we only live once, and we should enjoy ourselves, but i am also aware that this "one" life of mines might be a long one and i plan on having some money for later so i can live a nice comfy live, especially at a time in life when i might not have the strength, health, or ability to do so..
People, think twice before you spend your hard earned money on things you can live without, and stop making all these designers rich, while you scrap to pay for your basic necessities... be blessed!!