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Savings Bonds... old fashion? yes, new way of saving? Oh yes.!

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:19 pm

years ago i worked for bank as a teller.. one day, a customer came in to cash in her savings bond. Occasionally you get customers who cash in bonds for a few hundred dollars maybe a thousand dollars.. On this particular day, the lady standing before me had over $20,0000 (Purchased price) approx. $35,0000 with the interest in bonds to cash. (wow).....I was amazed!!! Now let me explain that it took approx. 10years for her bonds to gain that much interest.,, what fascinated me the most was her reasoning behind the her choice of savings. She said that when she was 21 and started her 1st job right out of college, her company was offering a direct deduction from their paychecks to purchase savings bonds, she signed up for a deduction of $100 per paycheck ($200 per month..

Over the 10 year period she completely put out of her mind the amounts that were deducted. she received the bonds in mail each month...
Ten years later when she left that job for another job, she decided to cash them in.
so on this day she was cashing in all her bonds plus interest, to buy her dream car ( a Mercedes Benz)


How awesome is that? 10 years of forgotten savings, leads to One HOT RIDE!!!

so about 8 years ago i applied her technique,(i actually went to the banks to purchase my bonds up until recently, i now buy online.....treasurydirect.gov,,,, you can do automatic purchases directly from a bank account)

It is great!!! i continue to save money and since its automatic now, i really don't even get the chance to miss the money!!,,
Now i know that getting a Mercedes has no appeal to me.. (frugal... remember?) My hope is to one day use that money as down payment for a home or college tuition for my children (if/when i have some)

Just letting all my FruGal friend know one of my savings tips! Try is out!
You can never miss money you don't see!