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job loss

February 8th, 2009 at 05:05 pm

just setting sympathy to all who are getting laid off.. i pray for you and your families in these hard times. I hope for strength and continued blessings even as we all struggle. I know that with courage and love for each other, we will get through this...
God bless you all

weekend of way too much spending...

February 1st, 2009 at 04:41 pm

so this weekend i must say that i spend way more than i anticipate.. Friday, Dinner with current and an old friend in Hoboken, NJ, Pricey, but great company.. Saturday, DMV, for license renewal, $24(wow) 6 week visit to the hair salon, way too much money.. but very much needed..
This week begins my new extra healthier diet.. i need to loose at least 5lbs so i can improve my race time for my half marathon in May.. i went to Costco and bought some water, spinach, lettuce, oranges, chicken, etc.. i plan on not eating out during the week for the month of feb...
I need to save money and loose some weight..
wish me luck,